SP Grand Days has designed its 6 Banqueting halls to accommodate 10 to 1800 people, just the way you want your board to be. Among them 5 banquetting halls are surrounded by swimming pool making it absolutely beautiful and scenic.

All the below mentioned, Grand Utsav, Aqua Grande(A, B, C, D), GrandeVo can be used separately or jointly at the same time to accommodate small or large flowing crowd.
  • GRAND DURBAR : Our New Banquet Hall
    GRAND DURBAR newly opened banquet hall situated at the ground level is one of the architectural beauty of the town equipped with the modern technologies. Grand Durbar is a perfect fit for product launch. The versatile function halls are located across two floors . Designed to accommodate any event from weddings to corporate and social events. Every second every day we have made it our mission to bring inspiration to each meeting conference or events wherever and whenever it happens. At a time we can accommodate 400 pax and moving crowd more than 2000 can be accommodated.
    Hall capacity : theater style 400 pax
    Cluster style 250 pax
    U shape 100 pax
    Class room style 100 pax
    Total sq feet 7000.
  • Grand Utsav
    Grand Utsav is a beautifully illuminated giant banqueting hall providing a perfect platform for all kind formal and entertainment events. Itís very large and around 400 people can sit together at a time.
  • Aqua Grande (A, B, C, D)
    Accommodating 70 pax, the theatre style Aqua Grand is Perfect for all kinds of board meets.
  • Grandevo
    Specialized for your board activities and confidential meet is Grandevo. It has the capacity to accommodate 30 pax at time.

Our features

Latest Audio Visual Equipments
+ Telephone lines
+ UPS points
+ LCD projector
+ LED Projector
+ Advanced technology in sound and light engineering
+ In-Hall Ceiling mounted Cameras
+ Classic curtains
+ Codeless conferencing microphone
+ Huge projection display panel wall



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